The Barn Garden

CONCEPT – A new barn conversion left the garden a sea of mud, so a new design was called for. The inspiration for the owner was a garden seen at Chelsea several years before, based on a planting scheme of purples, blues, whites, lilacs and pinks. The infrastructure was built first with a drystone wall of Cotswold stone, new built around the perimeter to create a walled garden; a series of steps was built to lead down into the garden from the barn which was considerably higher than the garden level. The garden was designed to use a variety of different materials for the surfaces including concrete and reclaimed Cotswold stone. A water tank from galvanised metal is used to grow water lilies, visible from both inside and out. Reclaimed railway sleepers have been used to construct raised vegetable beds and a greenhouse will be built in the corner of the garden in the final phase.  New trees have been planted to begin screening from close-by properties – using Magnolia grandiflora and Amelanchier lamarkii

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