Garden and landscape design for individual homes across the Cotswolds


Each of our garden designs is unique and suits the style of architecture: from urban townhouses and Victorian terraces to country cottages and Grade II listed homes. We can design for any size of garden, from a small front garden or courtyard to a large country garden in a style that is either contemporary or has a more traditional approach with cottage garden style planting. We can design kitchen gardens and orchards, sloping gardens, cutting gardens, water features, woodland gardens or simply new planting schemes.

At the first meeting at your property, we like to understand your ideas and plans for the garden and the budget you would like to set. We will go through the process of a typical garden design with you and agree which stages and drawings you may need for your project. After the meeting, we will prepare a proposal for you that outlines initial thoughts and costs; once you agree, the design can begin. 

The scheme design

Stage 1 The first step is to survey the garden, taking measurements and levels to analyse the site along with a series of photographs. The garden is then designed and a sketch plan produced along with a series of perspective drawings - artistic impressions of your garden.

Images are collated to form a Mood Board that gives a sense of style and colour for both materials and planting. The combination of these drawings will enable you to visualise the new garden plans.

The detailed design

Stage 2 — Once the initial concept and other ideas for the garden are agreed, the Master plan is drawn up. The technical details are documented in a series of plans which include setting out information, dimensions, ground levels and drainage design.

Construction drawings are essential for items such as water features and pergolas to ensure the design is explained precisely. Samples of materials are provided and those chosen are documented in the specification. All plans are developed in CAD for accuracy and are used by the landscape contractor to construct your garden.

The planting plans

Stage 3 — Planting plans are now prepared; soil samples are taken in several places to identify the soil type, the aspect noted and amount of light across the space is reviewed. This information enables us to choose the right plants for the site, which are shown on detailed layout plans with individual plants represented by circles, including plant varieties and species, quantities and spacing.

The full schedule of plants is prepared and can be sent to trade nurseries for quotations. Illustrated maintenance plans ensure the garden can be kept as planned.

Project costs and design fees

We are happy to work with whatever budget you set. Our fees are based on guidance from the Society of Garden Designers; we will agree either a fixed rate for the project or work on a day rate basis. The first consultation is free of charge – please contact us to arrange a meeting.