Garden design for commercial properties and new build projects


Gardens play an important role in the use of commercial buildings – a hotel may well be chosen for its beautifully landscaped grounds for wedding photography, while a restaurant with its own herb planting will encourage people to eat in the scented garden. The correct design of space in a school playground is essential to maximise space, which is often at a premium. 

Property Developers and Architects

Working alongside architects and developers on plans for the landscaping of a site for planning permission purposes, it pays to get us involved at an early stage to ensure that you have an approved plan for new-build and renovation schemes. Introduce us directly to your clients to help address landscaping issues, add value to the property and help to sell your homes. Our portfolio of services includes five-year maintenance and landscape management plans.

Hotels and Restaurants

With many hotels now able to offer weddings, the gardens are as important as the hotel itself as a location for photographs and need to have areas suitable for Winter weddings as well as Summer ones. Scented rose walks, formal herb gardens, walled productive kitchen gardens and orchards: we design schemes to help promote your hotel and restaurant through its garden.

Schools and Community Gardens

Most schools have already designed their playgrounds so the emphasis is often on the use of the remaining space, and how it can be used as part of the learning process for the children. Community gardens can offer similar potential for many local people. Opportunities for the design of fruit and vegetable gardens with the use of sustainable materials and ecologically friendly planting to attract wildlife are all becoming more desirable.

Project costs and design fees

We will work with whatever budget is set. Our fees are based on guidance from the Society of Garden Designers; we will agree either a fixed rate for the project or work on a day rate basis. The first consultation is free of charge. If you are an architect, developer or landscape contractor looking for a creative designer to give your work extra appeal, please contact us.